Newcastle  Karate

Mobile: 0411 669 669
77 Munibung Rd Cardiff 2285 NSW

Why Choose Newcastle Karate ?

A-Class training facility  - Newcastle Karate is a full time martial arts studio with over 500m2 in training space which is completely matted out with high quality training mats for optimum safety. All the equipment is new and high quality gear with plenty of thai pads, focus mitts and kick shields for everyone who trains in each of the classes. The studio also offers lockers, showers and equipment supplies. The dojo has been designed with the whole family in mind. Parents can take it easy in the parents lounge area with vending machines offering snacks, drinks and coffee. The toddlers corner ensures the younger children not yet training are entertained with television, toys and books. There is also plenty of parking providing easy access. The training studio is centrally located at 77 Munibung Road Cardiff NSW. See the contact tab for map and directions.

Experience - Newcastle Karate is a black belt school with the lead instructors having over 100 years combined martial arts experience. The class size rarely exceeds 20 students per class and unlike a lot of martial art schools where you can easily get lost in the crowd, each student at Newcastle Karate receives focused instruction by the senior instructors teaching within the class. 

Student outcomes - Many martial arts schools have a "McDonald's style" commercialised focus, putting business and profits before the student outcomes. Our school is the perfect combination of dedicated martial arts enthusiasts, with a variety of martial arts backgrounds, bringing years of experience to each and every class. Our focus is your focus! we set out to assist you achieving your goals as a parent or student. Please have a read of the student and parent testimonials on our testimonials page to see what they have to say about Newcastle Karate family of instructors. 

Application based curriculum - Newcastle Karate practice an application based curriculum. Methods taught are kicking, punching, strangulation, choking, joint locking, grappling and pressure point manipulation. A completely systematized method of learning/teaching for children and adults, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both the culture from which it comes and the masters who pioneered its practice. 

Functional Program - Newcastle Karate delivers a functional program with defensive applications against the various "Habitual Acts of Physical Violence". Most karate schools are competition oriented and their training is geared towards that outcome. Newcastle Karate is application based, functional program, unrestricted by rule bound competition. There are no referees on the street!  

Engaging - Are you frustrated by rule-bound practices, inflexible rituals and bored of the repetitive nature of the reverse punch point scoring arena? Newcastle Karate can teach you the original and more functional combative application practices in a rational, coherent and systematised manner. 

Support - Newcastle Karate also offers members online videos and training criteria sheets in assisting each student reaching their potential, be it self defence, flexibility, confidence, coordination and fitness. Our great supporting family atmosphere is one of the keys to Newcastle Karate's success. We also have a car pooling notice board helping parents juggling the afternoon workload.

Value - Competitive training fees No contracts! No risk! love us or leave us at any time. 

Trained in Martial Arts before? 

If you have previous rankings in another recognised martial arts discipline and have the supporting documentation, we will recognise your previous training. Newcastle Karate currently has students and black belts from different styles training at our Cardiff dojo. This clearly indicates that Newcastle Karate has a training program of great value to attract senior instructors from other styles and schools. Many of our black belt students have come from different styles such as: Kyokushin, Shotokan, Goju Ryu, Wado ryu, Goshin Ryu, Go Kan Ryu (GKR), kickboxing, and Taekwondo just to name a few.  

"So if you are a martial arts enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, work with a great group of people, please come and try a class! Many students and instructors have not been disappointed with our program." All ego's are left at the door before entering the dojo!

Watch a snap shot of our range of classes below.